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Our Mission

America was built on the backs of blue collar men and women. All the luxuries you and I enjoy daily are proof of that. 


From the Farmlands to the Factories, from lumber to concrete, to iron; from brick layers to service men and women, there truly isn’t one place we come from.


Society looks at us as dirty, busted up, fowl and even “uncivilized.” Yet, they know who to lean on to raise this country from the ground, protect it, build and develop it! The world knows the type needed for Grit and a Barbaric level of determination and resolve, the working barbarians, with Blue collars. 


Knowing our History, Heritage and Reputation how do we attack this modern blue collar world?  How do we “level up?” How do we get the Car, the partner, the house, the money… The Dream? 


Barbarically that’s how!  Our mission is simple. Build Better Trades Man. Educate our brothers and sisters on building a plan and creating a career path for success within the world that we all Know as “Blue collar!”  Our hopes is to help you continue your Education long past journeyman and lead positions, into money making, community leading Barbarians! 


There is not one cookie cutter way to this rugged and abrasive career world, but all the ways require Heart, discipline a willingness to Grow, Accountability some self belief and Grit. 


Buckle up, bring your note pads, pens, papers laptops and whatever the else the fk you might think you need and Let’s get what’s ours, elevate ourselves and charge forward without remorse with a story of vengeance and redemption. 


Savagery is Required.


Through hard work, let’s Learn to win together. This is a “construction zone” Park your feelings, forget your fears, & ditch your excuses. 


Rise into Greatness 


Barbarians only ️


Barbarian: noun

  1. a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person.

  2. a person without culture, refinement, or education



  1. uncivilizedcrudesavage.

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